A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A 3D puzzle platform wherein each 'room' there is a puzzle to solve and an item to collect (by clicking). Each puzzle will test a skill you need to solve in the final puzzle.

Still in development. while the test rooms are done work on the final puzzle is ongoing. Most puzzles will require you to press the E key to interact however some you just need to walk into the area. most buttons react when interacted with.


wasd move E Interact P reset self Mouse look


If there are any streamers if you can stream the game and tell me what you think it will be greatly appreciated.


Edit 22/04/2017

As some may have noted i switched to just windows. that is because i mistakenly believed that when i uploaded was for all types when it was not. I only now have had access to the computers that allow me to download for mac as my own laptop is having problems. Thanks for the comment informing me of this and the game is now should be playable for mac and windows players. (anyone for mac please inform me if it does not work.)

Edit 25/05/17

An updated version for the game.

Install instructions

Unzip and play.


PuzzleSolver Win.zip 13 MB
puzzle solve mac.zip 16 MB
PuzzleSolver Win V1.5.zip 14 MB
puzzleSolverMac 1.5.zip 16 MB


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Hey this game looks interesting, but I can't test it on my Mac. You've got it labeled as Win/OSX/Linux but the ZIP file only has the Windows build.

It looks like it might be Unity... if so, you'll need to include separate builds for each platform. Looks great, hope to test it soon!